Deliplus Crema Corporal Anticelulítica Reduction 250ml

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This cream is a perfect combination of different active ingredients that help fight localized fat, support the prevention of cellulite and contribute to the improvement of a so-called orange peel skin.

Deliplus Crema Anticelulitica Reduction anticellulite cream contains a special combination of active ingredients and supports the prevention of cellulite, of course with a soft Spanish scent.

Thanks to its special centella asiatica and caffeine content, this cream helps to improve the elasticity of the skin and reduce its volume.

How to use: Apply morning and night in circular motions, especially on areas with cellulite, until absorbed. Remember to massage for at least 10% for best results. Dermatologically tested.

Deliplus Crema Anti-cellulitica Reduction anti-cellulite cream reduces cellulite thanks to its advanced formula and at the same time caffeine helps to reduce the volume

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