Deliplus Skinplus Serum Luminosidad con Vitamina C 30ml

  • Description

For a smooth and luminous skin. A special serum from Spain with vitamin C for an excellent result. Fades skin spots and provides vitality to the skin.

Discover the amazing effect of Deliplus Skinplus Serum Luminosidad from Spain!

This special serum provides a smooth, luminous and natural appereance of the skin thanks to its special composition with active ingredients such as vitamin C.

Deliplus Skinplus Serum Luminosidad contributes to a healthy appearance of the skin thanks to the formula with pigments. The soft "peeling" effect contributes to repairing the skin and fades spots.

Deliplus Skinplus Serum Luminosidad con Vitamina C from Spain:

  • High in Vitamin C.
  • Soft peeling effect.
  • Provides vitality to the skin.
  • Has a rejuvenating effect.
  • Fades age spots and / or sunspots.
  • Provides a smooth and luminous skin.

Simple to use: Apply during morning and / or evening on a clean and dry skin before using the usual cream. Avoid the skin around the eyes.

Active ingredients: Vitamin C (stimulates the production of collagen) and interference pigments.

Dermatologically & ophthalmologically tested.