Deliplus Serum Reparador Anti-Age 30ml

  • Description

Formulated with a high content of active ingredients. Contributes to optimal regeneration and repair of the skin.

Corrects the signs of aging, reduce wrinkles, reduces expression lines and contributes to skin firmness. Revitalizes and stimulates the skin. Contributes to restoring firmness and elasticity of the skin.

Deliplus Serum Reparador Anti-Age is very effective and contributes to the reduction of expression lines and also contributes to slowing down aging of the skin. Formulated with an ultra-concentrated formula and suitable for almost all skin types.

Deliplus Serum Reparador Anti-Age from Spain:

  • Revitalising effect.
  • Stimulating effect.
  • Contributes to restore skin firmness.
  • Contributes to reduce fine lines.
  • Suitable for daily use.

Very easy to use: Apply in the morning / evening with a gentle massage of the skin. Avoid contact with eyes.

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